Puzzle completed, 100% score, but XP not assigned to my user

I have concluded the Labyrinth puzzle with 100% score,
I have submitted but the submit procedure hangs there (attached image), the score is right but achievements don’t appear; it freezes at “Loading”.

If I go ahead the XP are not assigned and the achievement history only visualize old achievement in October.

The puzzle is correctly marked as done but XPs for achievements are… not assigned.

I’m using Firefox on Linux Mint
Thank you for CodinGame, it rules!!!

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This moning the problem is disappeared, they have added my XP during the night. :+1:

In case you have this problem, simply wait for the server to wake up :slight_smile:

Or have anyone (in support team) performed this manually? Just for curiosity…

we actually had an issue that we solved this morning (gg @FredTreg) .
Sorry for the inconvenience! And thank you for reporting the issue :slight_smile:

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You are welcome. Thank you, CodinGame rules!

Hello, I just wanted to give you a heads up that this issue may not be resolved. I have not received any XP for the puzzles that I completed today, even though my scores are 100%.

I have the same issue as well right now. Seems to be a recent issue judging from you and me

I have the same issue!
And I can’t also upload here a screenshot because I’m a new user :slight_smile:

Wow, dudes. So active community! I was going to report the same bug (I’ve done puzzle, but have no XP, bla bla bla), but now I just want to say - you’re cool, CodinGame, get well =)

I also have the same bug.

Having the same problem. First thought it was my machine (as it occured when I switched from my Ubuntu desktop to my Debian laptop), “glad” that was not the case.

we have a bug. We’ll fix it asap. You’ll get back the XP you missed. Sorry :anguished:

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have the same bug with few puzzles

That’s normal, we compute achievements for the contest Fantastic bits. You will recieve yours in few minutes.