Puzzle editor - checking edited test cases against own solution

I tried to write a puzzle today and here is some feedback.

In the puzzle creator, one has to provide own solution to the puzzle. I understand that it initially checks the proposed test cases and should not let the puzzle published if they don’t work.

However, when editing the puzzle that has already been submitted, this solution is not used at all. You can change test cases any way you want, they don’t get validated against the initial solution.


  1. Run the solution on the test cases either each time the puzzle is edited or each time the solution or the test cases are edited. This will make it much easier to modify the test cases.

  2. When I open the demo IDE on my own puzzle, it would be great to have an option to paste my own solution there somehow.

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I don’t think it ever runs your solution against the test cases, though this would be a good thing to do!

Right now, I think your solution is provided only so that reviewers can get a better understanding of the problem, based on how you solved it.

  • danBhentschel
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This will the great improvement.
Actually this had been my first thought after checking puzzle - why I have to copy-paste my code every time to check program-testcases consistency?
The 2) solution suggested by @MMMAAANNN is I think very intuitive.

The other useful improvement will be to allow saving unfinished puzzle. Now you have to make everything works, and then you save by submitting. Ofc. you can keep your local version in text file, and copy its parts into the appropriate fields, or keep browser with open card forever, but this should not be a requirement ^^.