Puzzle editor: what's the actual syntax for constants?

I’m trying to write a puzzle that happens to feature the constant {}. According to the syntax guide, constants are to be wrapped in double curly braces {{ }}. So I suppose I’m supposed to type {{{}}}. Well… that didn’t really work as such.

Here’s what I tried:

  • {{{}}} renders as {} (i.e. half-formatted)
  • {{ {} }} renders as {{ {} }} (i.e., unformatted, and polluted)
  • {{{ }}} renders as { } (HF)
  • {{{\}}} renders as {\} (HF+P)

All the other combinations of spacing and escaping attempts result in various combinations of that.

It’s a case where I can actually afford to write that constant as }{, but that didn’t help much with the formatting.

So, err… what’s the deep syntax? Is what I’m trying unreasonable?

Aaaaand it’s up and visible! So, how do we feature constant {}?