Puzzle of he week: 7 Segment Display Seems to be broken

The 4th validation test contains a ‘1’ character. It’s expecting an output of a ., followed by 4 spaces followed by a #. This would make the segment size 2 ( top line is a space for the left hand bars(. on first line) followed by 2 spaces for the top segment, a trailing space for the right hand bars, and a space between the segment displays. The 4th test case is passing in a request for a segment length of 4.

Please advise.

The leading dot is probably supposed to be part of the first digit. Check the example 1 or 2 - first column is not empty but contains starting characters of the first digit. But I’m not sure if you’re supposed to add empty column if the number starts with “4”, which doesn’t have the top left corner “empty”. Or what to do, if the character to print the digits with is actually a dot too.

The leading dot on first line is part of the specifications - this is to work around the puzzle submission form stripping leading whitespace from the submitted expected results.

However, yes test case #4 is wrong in my opinion, see Test case 4 in 7-segment display community puzzle is wrong

We have updated the puzzle to avoid this special cases…
Some Codingamers have to republish their solution. :slight_smile:

Damn. :sweat_smile:
I republished my solution with a few lines beginning with #.