Puzzle of the Week

having the puzzle of the week is a pretty nice thing. But I think many people already solved the specially announced games. Wouldn’t it be better to have individual puzzles of the week or schedule a new puzzle every week, which is an actual puzzle of the week for everyone?

I think there are enough pending puzzles, which could pushed out more frequently (=weekly) and get immediately a puzzle of the week. This requires a bit more care about the quality that gets accepted, but should work quite well.

What do you think about this?



Interesting ideas.

For now, we take into account the number of CodinGamers who solved a community puzzle to propose it as puzzle of the week (among other criteria obviously). The more, the better. So the opposite from what you propose :D. Clearly not ideal.

Several reasons explain this:

  • we want to be sure the puzzle is really good and fun to propose it as puzzle of the week
  • we do not know all community puzzles as some CodinGamers help us on the moderation of this section

However we could totally improve the way puzzle of the week is chosen. As of today, the whole section of community puzzles wouldn’t suffer some changes. First action was to add new moderators, so the number of pending puzzles stop increasing.

Hm, makes totally sense to hold the quality of the product high. But I think there should be a mechanism to motivate people who already solved the actual puzzle of the week. I’m not sure what could be the perfect solution for this. Maybe a random unsolved puzzle or a “high quality” (whatever that means) puzzle which wasn’t solved so far.