Question/proposition: API allowing to download multiplayer replays

Is there any way to download replays of matches we took part in? It would be extremely useful for analysing own and enemies tactics and it can be helpful in using machine learning solutions. It would be best to receive a text file with inputs for each turn (and preferably debug output also). If not through API (which I guess would be the most comfortable and easiest way for CG developers) then additional button in “last battles” panel would be awesome (and even more comfortable for us) - after selection browser would download tar/zip/some other archive with data of replays. I think it shouldn’t eat a lot of bandwith. :slight_smile:

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Well… CodinGame is running an AngularJS + REST architecture. Which means, that their whole website is running a RESTful API, that the frontend itself consumes. I.e. you just have to figure out the endpoints and voila, you have all the data at the tip of your fingers :wink:

I have no knowledge in webdev technologies so I don’t really know where should I start with reverse engineering and I guess it would take a fair time for someone like me to figure it out. :slight_smile:
CG team surely has to have documentation about their all server-browser communications, so maybe it could be revealed then? Even if it would be considered unofficial or unsupported. :stuck_out_tongue: