Ranking for Single-Player points


there is no reason why I should do the single-player games.
It would be greater if the single-player points could be mixed to the contest points. So I can rank me up by solving single player games between 2 contests. Or you add an additional ranking for the single player to see how good I’m compared with other.

In the moment, only the contest rank me up. So I’m same good if I solve all single player games or no one.

Perhaps you have an idea how to make a benefit for solving single player games. I think Achivements are not enough, espacially because you see it no where.

I visited my profile today and see there … more charts than only the challange one.
Thats greate now I can see how good I’m compared with other in different cases like Achivments, Points, Single Player Contest, Multi player Contest.
Thats greate and this request is solved with the new charts.

Good work.