Recent activity shows wrong date

For example for a puzzle i just solved I get:

Recent activity: Sep 0, 2014

For another puzzle i get:
Recent activity: Sep 2, 2014

but I havent joined this site until a few days ago.

Also regarding the ranking graph on the profile I think it should only start at the join date of the user. This way it currenty works it looks like I have been part of the site for a few years but never solved anything :wink:


Just ran into this bug as well. For the puzzle that I just solved, the date is listed as β€˜Nov 0, 2014’, while for the ones I solved yesterday it’s listed as β€˜Nov 6, 2014’. Today is only November 2 though, and I was not aware I can travel through time :wink:

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It seems the date is done with the day of week instead of the day of month. So 0 actually means Sunday, 1 for Monday and so on. :smile:

That was exactly the case :smiley: . We already fixed it, and the fix should be applied on the website soon.