Refused and awaiting CoC

What does CG do with all the CoC contributions?
Some of them are good for newbies in programming (like the two examples but simpler), for rookies or for top-coders.
Why not using them for new categories of short puzzles: simple algorithms, classical algorithms… The mass of ideas should not be lost.

For each CoC contribution, we need to test the question, rephrase it if needed, translate it and provide the code that will generate the code in all the languages. This is too long for our small team and lately we didn’t took the time to do it.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed the “community puzzles” but we are currently working on the improvement of the contribution system. Regarding the puzzles, we decided that we won’t translate the new contributions to save some time. We will in the future add the code generator that must be documented first. And we are thinking about how we can ask to the community itself to validate some contributions.

We have planned to validate some clashes this week.