Reports overview of solutions

Hey there,

when submitting a solution, it’s possible to have a reports overview of provided solutions and be able to switch between the programming languages?
Also, do you get extra points when submitting solutions using different languages?


Nope, except for using bash in the horse reading puzzle (easy) and clojure on the roller coaster puzzle (hard)

There are achievements when you finished puzzles in several languages! Go look the entire list in your profile.

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i forgot about multiple language across ALL puzzles. thanks @SaiksyApo

Thanks, I got some :smile:

What do you think about the reports overview?

can you explain more about this part, i don’t think i got it :blush:

Well, I have something in mind, that next to a solved challenge, you have a link to your reports.

At this page you can switch between each report that you’ve provided in different programming language, switch between them, be able to share them (g+, fb, twitter, etc) and have some statistics about cpu, ram usage and execution time for example, in other words a more in-depth analysis of the provided solution. According to this, it would be awesome to see how the own solution/report compares to others and my friends (friend list overview…).

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+1 for the idea , me too i would like this kind of feature and in this report overview it would show all the test cases and the execution time / round time .

It would give us more details on what we have done , we could compare our results with others so that 100% wouldn’t mean you did the puzzle perfectly.

And it would also allow to see how we have progressed since the first submit or since we started codingame and this way makes things more challenging

Thanks for the support @SuigetsuSake :smiley: