San Francisco 2442 contest discussion

Hi everyone,

So I’m a slowpoke and I’ve just seen the Sponsored San Francisco 2442 contest that can be found at this link and I have multiple questions that other may have too:

  1. Will the contest will be available outside of SF? A.K.A I’m sitting on my couch like a nerd and want to play along?
  2. Will the free ticket mentioned means free transportation for those not in the US or for those in the US but multiples states away from SF?
  3. Will the game be available after for those who can’t come or aren’t available in this time period?

Thanks a bunch and as always, keep building the best website ever! :wink:

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Hey, thanks for mentioning.

From the 3 options I understand it so that one can participate from its couch. But yeah, if I can get an invite with transportation to San Francisco, I am indeed interested, though I think this is not the point of this contest.

Also a feedback for the contests: There is always a countdown on the page. I would also like to see written explicitely the stat and stop date to not always have to do the maths :stuck_out_tongue:


San Francisco 2442 is a contest dedicated to the Coder from the Developer Week, but subscriptions are still opened to everyone. We are just not promoting this challenge like a worldcup but you are free to play from your home / bed :slight_smile:

There will be a dedicated leaderboard for the Coder coming at the event and the winner of the price will be selected from this ranking only (We are going to add some clarification on the registration page about this point)

Unfortunately the tickets do not include the trip to San Francisco :wink:

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Will there still be a general leaderboard to be able to compares one’s score with his follower? And will this contest also count toward contest-related achievements?

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There will be a General leaderboard and a special leaderboard filtered on the Developer from the event.
There will not be any achievements given for this challenge since it’s a confidential hackathon and not an official worldcup

Thanks for this answer :wink:
I hoped I could compensate my lack of programming talent with a reduced ammount of participant to get leaderborads ranking achievements. My hopes just shatterd to dust.

Nope if you play correctly in a competition you can get to the top100 “easily”, I went twice for now and I haven’t been playing religiously

Well, let’s validate your theroy on Coders trike Back :wink: But I suppose you are right, I managed to get top 100 in the CodinGame challenge without pathfing but juste a simple state machine. “Challenge Accepted” as used to say a famous tv character. The San Francisco Challenge will still make a good training. Thanks for the calrifications

One additional question on this matter: Will there be coding points given to count in the “contest” category?

I just found that thread… What? We fought like crazy for nothing? Not even a t-shirt? :wink: I think I’ll survive this deception, don’t worry, I still love you guys, keep up the great work.
But next time, I really need 3rd price, of course, I need my toaster back.


One additional question:

Will the code be accessible again?

It’s already accessible. Go here:
And click on “REPORT”.

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Aweesome, thank you!

I must be blind, I can’t find it on that link Magus…
In what part of the screen is this “report” button placed ?

Hmm, it’s a little weird. If you want to see this button, you have to go to this page by clicking in the link in your profile. Here:

Then you have the report button at the top

Wow, your progression curve is rather impressive Oo. From top 25% to top 10. Is it just a matter of time investment (you had the kjnow-how upfront and just spent more time solving challenges) or did you really progress that much within a year?


At first i just did all solo puzzles. Since i’m already a professional developer, there’s was no really challenge except for some very hard puzzles (Nintendo Challenge in particular). So for this part, this is juste time investment.

Then i tried the multiplayer puzzles. And i was very noob at that. I had the goal to be at least top 50 in every multiplayer puzzles. I started with Tron and i was all like "god, i have absolutely no clue of wathever the fck i am suppose to do". So i did some research. I found the blog article of winner of the contests for some multiplayer puzzle so i tried to implements their strategy. I learned about alphabeta/minimax, voronoi, A, many very useful algorithms. I improved a lot at that kind of programmation and i’m pretty happy with that because it’s something i don’t really use in my job.

And at the end i did the optimizations puzzles. Code gofling is not that interesting and you can’t learn very much from it. Performances puzzles are much better for that.


Hi Magus… followed your directions but not seeing any “Report” button. Has this feature been removed?

It’s weird, sometimes i see it, sometimes not. Try this:

Go to this URL :
The URL in your browser will change in something like{id}

Take this id and go to this URL :{id}


Thanks Magus, that works!