Scala version change made old best scores unattainable in Code Golf

I discovered my old accepted Code Golf solutions in Scala that are no longer runnable,
failing with: “error: not found: value readLine” or the same for “readInt”, etc.
The problem can be fixed by including: import

Scala CG implementation did not require import statement for “read…” at least one year ago, and the code run just fine without it. This change requires 24 additional symbols in it’s bare form for any Scala solution, comparing to the time before the change.

I propose to recalculate the Scala solutions for Code Golf if feasible.


Very fair-play of you, @tarapitha, kudos! :+1:

I’ve rerun the Temperatures code golf solutions. You can see some changes. I’ll do the same for other code golf puzzles.

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It should be nice to at least have a notification when a rerun for a golf puzzle occured.

Because meanwhile, many languages are updated. And some codes just don’t work at all now. I assume many codingamer wants to know that their codes need to be fixed.

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