School can't be cleared

Once you’ve set school in profile, seems you can’t clear and save it empty…

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I managed to clear it and save

When I click Change, it allows me to delete content, but after I clicked Save button nothing changes in my profile… I don’t know how you could save empty value for school

Maybe your browser’s cache?

Tried in incognito mode in chrome and even in IE11 (which I don’t use at all and it couldn’t have cached requests)

So here is the request data:

And the answer:


actually you’re right, I cleared it, saved, but it’s still visible in the profile, sorry for not checking this thoroughly. I’ll the devs

I have a solution!!! I had company do the same thing. Go to the box, hold alt, and type 0173. It is an invisible character.

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@bam you can leave your school empty in your profile settings now (not on the quick edit on profile page)

I can’t clear the company name in the profile, I set my company name to look for coworker, now I would to be ‘anonymous’ again.