SDK: Pushing game parameters back to the IDE

Some games push parameters back to the IDE, in addition to the seed.

It took me quite a bit of trial and error before I understood this is done by defining individual properties GameManager's getGameParameters() pseudo-field.

In my defense:

  1. There’s a putMetadata() method right next to it, and it advertises:

Puts a new metadata that will be sent to the CodinGame IDE.

…which seems like kind of what I’d want.

  1. getGameParameters(), on the other hand, doesn’t advertise write-back at all:

The game parameters are used to get additional information from the Game Runner.

I’d suggest the documentation for both methods be revised to include the RWedness of the game parameters and minimal disambiguation as to what the “metadata” are, who reads them and how.


I’ve updated the javadoc which will be available soon in the next patch of the SDK. Thanks for reporting.