Sharing Knowledge - How to improve my coding


Having participated to a few challenges, I find myself wondering how I could improve my “coding”.
I’m using C# for the contests, quite randomly, when I browsed the languages list it was the one with which I had the most memories from my time in school.

In my daily work, I’m doing some development, but none of it using objects, or anything close to what we use here in codingame.

For the first few exercises, I was doing some researches to remind me all the useful stuff (classes, collections, etc…).
Now that I’m more confortable with the “how to do things”, I’m aiming at perfecting my code.

It can be done using more efficient methods / collections I don’t know, coding things differently, organizing my code in a better way …

In the previous version of the site, I started taking a look at other people codes to find example of how things can be done differently, and take some notes to improve my own code.

As it’s not possible now, I was thinking about sharing some of my code to ask for some feedback and ideas, but it would be against the purpose of achievments of the site, as people could just copy/paste it to validate some puzzles (even if my code can be perfected, it still works ^^).

So if any of you has an idea on how we could communicate of these things, maybe in the new language related subforums, I’ll be more than happy to participate, ask a few questions, maybe juste exchange on some code samples small enough so they’re not a complete solution to a puzzle.

To be clear, my goal isn’t to “find the best way to code”, as I don’t think there is one. But I’d like to see more point of view and habits, discuss with people around it, and when I like it, integrate it into my own way of coding !

So, any idea is welcome ! And if you’re just interested with the concept, please tell it, I frankly don’t know how and where to start, but I’m convinced that it could be really interesting !

Hi there,

I agree that code sharing is something that we’ll need sooner or later, and it’s been spoken of multiple times.

The staff said something about doing what others and I sugested before: topics limited to people that have 100% succeed said puzzle.

In the meantime, I suggest you get in touch with people that have already finished it, or you can always explain your general algorithm/strategy in puzzle topics without pasting the whole code (for obvious reasons).

That’ll help a bit even if it’s still not full code review.

Hope that my answer is complete enough, if not, wait for an admin to answer further :wink: