Should be able to set indent width for code editor

I’d love to be able to change the indentation width of the CodinGame code editor. It appears hard-coded to about 4 characters. From my experience, it is extremely common for Clojure and other LISP-like languages to have very shallow indent depth (2 spaces) and it would be great for the CodinGame editor to support that.

We use the Ace editor, press [Ctrl]+[,] in the code editor to access the Ace settings.


Oh, that’s amazing! I’ve used CodinGame for quite a while and looked for these sort of settings before. Maybe it would be worth adding a gear icon or something to the editor to be able to access them without having to stumble across the hotkey in the forum?

Use “SHIFT + ?” in the IDE to have all the available shorcuts. :slight_smile: