Simple Quibbles

I really like this website

it is well designed and works for what it seems to attempt

however, in the nature of cooperative development and the implied open source nature of the puzzles
it would be much easier for users to be able to observe each others’ code
rather than be forced to post them on the forums

currently i am simply trying to understand the buginess of “Onboarding” and the only response i find from the Moderators is:

leave and go to another website because simply i am not leet enough to be here and learn…

when fellow confused users post their nonfunctioning code,
it gets deleted by Mods before i can try to replicate it
there seems to be no feature for me to revisit their code
thereby nulling the main appeal to the website…

otherwise good work

Make no mistake, we do care about helping you, if i deleted your code it’s simply because it provide the others the full solution (or almost) and it isn’t helpful to the others because once you read someone code, you’ll have a hard time to figure another way to do it, and it doesn’t mean that you can do it by yourself.

Now the onboarding puzzle is indeed a simple puzzle, but maybe confusing at first (that’s why the admin said they’ll be modifying it later this day).

Now please details what you did in a way that help people understand what is your problem and how they can help you, but we’re not doing code review, first because of the reasons i evocated above, then because figuring out by yourself a puzzle is 80% of the pleasure of a puzzle, and just giving you the answer would ruin it.

An example of good question would be:

Hi everyone, I’m having trouble with onboarding puzzle,
What i’m trying to do is pick the minimum distance and then copy the name of the battleship into a char[50] using strcat, but I get the following error: “Input text”. Can you give me some advices?

Hope that help.

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oh yeah
this is a good site

i got quite a leg up when i visited the chat room,
simply enough i figured it out, but not without the help of seeing another user’s code…
it turns out that they where simply a step ahead of me.

they had to post on pastebin though,
mebbe simple links to pastebin would help until a more integrated function is developed for the site…

mind you, i really like this site due to its sheer amount of code options…
i kinda want to learn all the languages different approaches on the same puzzle.
so i don’t fear the pre-supposed ‘copy-paste paradigm’ of learning,
i’d rather reverse-engineer…

This site reminds me a lot of RosettaCode

Actually, post on pastebin would lead to the same issue, that is copying code of others (not you but someone that just don’t want to try). You can do it on chan, because irc doesn’t keep an history (for now).

What IS planned is topic for those who finished one puzzle to share codes about that puzzle.