Single environment for all my devices and save button

I have more than 1 device which i’d like to use with your IDE. I logged from other device and found out that I need to solve “Onboarding” puzzle.
I’d like to have single environment for all my devices with saved code for work-in-progress puzzles and contests. “Save” button for code would be nice.

That would be really nice for “Platinum Rift”, because it’s not one-time puzzle.

I also missing a save button

Code is saved after each test you launch and after each submit.
So i don’t understand your concern? Please help me help you

Ohhh … okay.
I know that it is saved after a submit but I don’t know that it is also saved after a test. If it is that way than that would be OK. Perhaps there could be an Information like “Saved” or somethings like that to know that it is saved.

yes, for that i agree, maybe it’s already on the roadmap, i dunno :smile: