Skill Points on New Profile

Saw the blog post–and I understand you cannot give us all knowledge about what is going down. You know so it can feel like Christmas when we open up our profile–and find we got black socks this year. When what we really wanted was to reference a failed Nokia commercial that nobody got the point of (increasing sales of black socks that year).

I was wonder if you’d though to have a “Skill Points” type system on the profile. Like for how the Elder Scrolls handles how characters get built up in those games. That is, you level up certain skills by working on them–which ultimately increases your characters overall level by doing things like crouching at all times or just jumping in a single spot for twenty days without end (making adventurers look the OPPOSITE of sane people since 1994–Elder Scrolls!).

You can see somebody’s “raw level”… and then go into their profile and see if they are crouching at all times (which… is going to be a ridiculous reference for Clash of Code now… I hope)… or working on herbology or black smithing… or rather what would be the metaphorically equivalents in this website (I love the idea of comparing Elder Scrolls Adventurers crouching at all times to the Clash of Code).

I mean… if you already have this planned… awesome! Woohoo! Yes! Glad to see the profiles getting more detailed information.

If this isn’t how you were planning it, can you pretend this was always the plan, and have it in place?

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When we will release Level & Rank, you will not have such skill points.

But this is a very first step. We are thinking a way to create a profile that better reflect what kind of coder you are. For example you could have following details on your future profile:

  • I’m experienced in javascript
  • I’m pretty good in pathfinding
  • I’m helping others a lot
  • Here are my github repo or my open source projects
  • I’ve worked for this nice company as a lead developer
  • etc

It could be very interesting if you can share what kind of details mechanisms you would like in your profile to build a real, modern and useful coder profile and not just a basic and boring resume.

We’re listening :wink:

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If you could figure out some way to track what languages were used for solutions, how often (and how effectively)… and throw that into how the experience system works, that would be good. With Multiplayer, CoC and what not also affecting different skill “types” in the profile.

Makes it easier to determine than me writing it down.

Also… it would allow me to refer to CoC like “crouching all the time in Elder Scrolls games” rather than my current preferred reference “Final Destination, No Items, Fox Only”… you know, both of which are silly in game things to do (that make sense when you play the game… even though it really shouldn’t)… but as somebody who plays Elder Scrolls properly this would be an improvement (played properly being: always in the crouched position, and ignoring any of the world destroying event things to forge five million daggers and make two million leather hats–for the purpose of selling them… like any true Adventurer before me!)