Skynet Strikes Back (Hard Level Puzzle) not giving achievement

So I went onto Skynet Strikes Back… and well, my code doesn’t do stuff well enough but none the less, I did manage to get 50% of the validation done upon submitting.

It is in the list of puzzles I am working on sitting there claiming it is at 50% success… but I don’t have the achievement for getting 50% of it done… o.o’

Just bumped into the same issue with 100% for medium level “Telephone numbers” not giving achievements. In results pane it just shows “Loading…” forever.

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In my case it claimed it had finished loading…

We are looking into it thank you.

It so happens your score is 49.8%. Admittedly, it would make more sense for it to be 50% exactly but that’s another problem. We will be repairing the erroneous display of the score in the report shortly.

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… well… okay… o.o’

Are you guys using old Pentiums with the FDIV bug for your servers?