SkyNet: The Virus Level 1 (Medium) 50+ links achievement

I’ve solved the first Medium puzzle with both Python variants and I achieved 100% by means of the verification algorithm.

Though the third achievement (more than 50 links remaining) is not shown to be achieved although in testing interface I managed to get 52 links remaining. Multiple tests showed always the same result: 52. But after submitting the overview screen show completely different behavior and deletes way more links. Therefore I do not get the third achievement. Why is that?

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The normal test cases and the validation test cases are similar, but not the same.

Your algorithm is the same in both tests, but the different input results in a different output. And in this case the output is not good enough to get the achievement.


I have the same issue but the achievement description is “more than 50 nodes” and 52 is for sure more than 50 nodes left! Come on!

see @chrm answer, look up for the main thread, topic closed.