Skynet The Virus (Medium) Javascript stuck on 75%


So for Skynet: The Virus on Medium difficulty, I did mine with javascript, managed to pass all the tests but after validation, it shows I’ve only passed 3/4 tests. Any idea?

Also to add-on, I’ve read the FAQ about when some conditions are met, you won’t get 100%. I’ve check my code and pretty sure it’s not catered only to some specific situations i.e. hard-coded

I have the same problem. I coded in JavaScript, passed all the tests but only get 75%. It appears that the validation test hangs up on the last test case. It takes 22 steps and just stops, no mission complete or fail. The test case ran to completion. I have a screen shot of the final position but I’m not allowed to post images.

Hello @tod_gentille and @seckwei93. I did it with JS with 100 %. I will be happy to help you or to give you a “tuyau” like they say in France :wink:

OK I figured it out (I think). I think in the validation test, I had a undefined value returned and my code crashed and didn’t finish the test. I added better error checking and made sure I always severed a valid node and it works now. Thanks for the offer. Still trying to get the extra bonus for having 50 links left.