Skynet: the virus new submit doesn't accepted

I tried the puzzle in python.
After first successful submit I found that I can achieve more points so I changed my program to satisfy the limits but the new submit didn’t calculated and no point added to me.

How can I achieve that?

Our data tells us that you have achieved a score of 100% at Skynet : the virus.
Is this not the case ?

I have the same problem as the OP. I solved “Skynet: the Virus” and got the first two achievements. Now I submitted another solution and reached 59 links left with all test on green. When I submitted it I didn’t get the Ambush achievement. When I watch the replay it shows my old solution (I has a very different behavior to the new one).

I have the same problem. When I run test case 4 I have 58 links left, however the “Ambush” achievement is not unlocked. It shows 100% solved, but you can also see 100/150 points collected.
When I run the game on the Report page (the page you see after submitting), it shows another path where in the end only 42 links are left… The agent doesn’t follow the same path as in the editor :frowning:
Is there any solution for this?

I did it in C#

Thank you for the information.
But isn’t really making me happy, this makes it quite annoying to work on: change some code, submit, and check on the report if it fits. It’s more a waiting game like this. :watch: Is there another way to do this?

The IDE testcases and the validation testcases are similar, but they serve different purposes.

The IDE testcases are there to help you debug your algorithm.

The validation testcases are there to verify that your algorithm really solves the problem. Without them you could solve every problem with IF/ELSE statements. Making them more accessible would defeat that purpose.

The achievement, on top of that, makes the problem even harder. If your algorithm isn’t good enough you probably have to implement a better one.

It’s meant to be hard.

Hi there.
The problem by implementing a better algorithm is that you should know what the behaviour of the virus is and write an algorithm that tries to prevent that: On what factors it decides to travel a particular link? Does it move along the shortest path to an agent? Does it prefer nodes with lots of links on it? And so on…
As we don’t know this, we have to guess what the virus will act like, so also guess what would be the best algorithm.

I finally found a solution and have unlocked the achievement. But had to rethink/rewrite my algorithm a few times. I didn’t like it to delete my previous code, but now actually I’m glad with my short and smoothly working code :smiley:

That’s the game. That’s where you are supposed to have fun. And it sounds like you did eventually. :slight_smile:

Yes I did :slight_smile:

As it was pointed out before, it is infact possible to enforce 50+ links left whatever Skynet decides to do.
The idea is to start out by cutting one side of the access to the largest “star”.

  • If Skynet tries to enter from the other side, it will eventually each a dead end and you’ll be able to trap it.
  • If it doesn’t, just cut the links as it tries to get in the other smaller stars. You will then have time to destroy the other side of the large star, completely preventing access.

Another easier but dirtier solution is to start by cutting an exit link at random and submit until you get the achievement. With a correct algorithm, Slynet can get to face an already cut link in the star, and from there you can force him to step back, then trap it! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the advise. But even tough both your solutions might work, your dirty solution is what the game-maker tries to prevent by the extra test cases as I read above. Your second approach is better, but not optimized imo: it might actually work, but not on any random network. If you’re starting from the perspective of having some star shaped networks linked to each other with other links, then it will only apply on those types of networks.

I also started this way, but realised after a while that this wasn’t the best approach. Later I came up with an algorithm that looks for the closest path to any exit. Simply block the first link of this path.

I got the same problem. When I first “finish” the challenge I didn’t get the Ambush achievement but then I manage to optimize my code and get more than 50 links left the the 4th test case, the achievement is clear: “Finish the 4th test of the ‘Skynet: the virus’ puzzle with 50 or more remaining links and get a 100% score.”

Why are we discussing that the validation data is different? Does the 4th case reference to another test case other than the test case “Triple Star”? I believe this is a bug…

If you want to call it a bug, the bug is in the description. It should read “Finish the 4th validation test of the ‘Skynet: the virus’ puzzle with 50 or more remaining links and get a 100% score.”

Since I’m not a native english speaker I may be misunderstanding the achievement xD. But I understood that I have to get a 100% score in the challenge and finish the 4th validation test with more than 50 links left in that test. I did that, but for some reason I didn’t get the achievement. I just want to understand the achievement properly so I can try to get it. In my opinion (from what I understood reading the achievement description) I should have earn it

Can you post the replay?

what do you mean?

I have the same problem here.
I don’t get my ambush achievement while i committed a solution with 61 links left plus 100% score.


I submitted the solution for the first time a few days back, using C#, and I got all 3 achivements. So it definitively still works.

Same question as the others: did you succeed also in the validation case?

After you submit your code, you can see the replay of the validation case. Click on the “Replay” button for the Triple Star validation and verify that you also suceed with more than 50 links remaining. :wink:


Ohhhh… you are correct… i just did it right in the test-case scenario, not in the validation case… :wink:

thanks dude :smile: