Skynet: the virus new submit doesn't accepted

Hi everyone, I’ve had a similar problem, as my algorithm works perfectly in the test cases but in the 4th validation test, it simply stops at a certain point without any reason.
By the way I use python

Did you hardcode one of the link removal? I did, and found out the program “crashd”. in cause, I think, the node numeration is totally different in the validation test (in my case, there was no 0-1 link so far I understood). If a link does not exist, the program will stop with an error.

If by hardcoded you meant e.g. print 1, 0 then no. Also I used a list of all the links to determine which to destroy so I could not have printed a non-existent one. I can’t find another reason apart from either a bug or hardcoding that could make my program not work for the validation but as I am sure I have not hardcoded I think there is a problem.

Yes this is what i ment with hardcoded. In my code i first had sth like:

IF agent more than 1 link away from gateway THEN remove “1 0”.

As a placeholder to wait for the agent to come closer. This led to the same behavior than you.