Smash The Code - Full Leaderboard

Hi all.
Just making an assumption - it’d be nice to see in full leaderboard the league where the player is currently in.
Because it can be misleading to see one developer points to be bigger than the other, but former being on lower place.

We agree, we haven’t finished to develop all the features planned for the league system but that will come.

You can still find your position in the league by doing the math against the ranking of the league boss - Boss, NegaBoss or Robossnik but obviously it’s not that efficient as having a ready report.

That’s true, but I’m talking about full leaderboard, not leagues’ ones - so there are no bosses ranks.

All the bosses appear in the full leaderboard ^^

Thanks for pointing this out, you are right, didn’t notice that.
My point was it’s not convenient to scroll thru full leaderboard to find out someone’s league.