Smash the Code Point System descritpion

Seems there is a bug in the description of the point system.
If I’m not mistaken, Chain Power points start at 1 for the first step (and not at 0), ie. clearing 4 blocks gives 40 points.

There is clarification in the rules, that they use max(CP + CB + GB, 1), so CP is indeed 0.

Well, I’ve checked but I can not see this clarification… Instead, I have this:
“”“The value of (CP + CB + GB) is limited to between 1 and 999 inclusive.”""
with all the terms starting explicitly at 0, a bit confusing.
Maybe the description depends on the League (I’m still Silver).

Yes, and this essentially means “”“if (CP + CB + GB) is less than 1, we assume it equals 1, and if it’s greater than 999, we assume it equals 999"”".

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