Smash the Code TV - Favorite replays

I guess this would have been even cooler for a running contest, where the most replays are watched, but:
What are some nice replays you saw that other players might enjoy watching?
For example a player coming back after being almost dead, a really early big combo or two players battling for quite a long time and turning the game around multiple times…

To make a start, here’s me losing against Jeff :slight_smile:


This was a few days ago but I like it because of the close calls, the long chain at the end and the high score I get :smiley:

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This replay isn’t even mine, but damn this is the most intense battle I’ve ever seen.
Huge combos and an ending like you wouldn’t believe.


This one, between [CPC]Tamno (referd as IDE Code in the video) and [CPC]rOut. rOut dominates until round 90-ish, but thenthe odds totally tunrs. This is epic.

One of my favorites… MrAnderson (IDE Code) vs Radenko. Radenko combos well and at one point MrAnderson has all 72 blocks filled on the board, but battles back and survives a late combo to win.

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Nice replays! It’s funny to see how an AI just follows what it is programmed for where a human would probably give up.

I’ve followed a bit the chat and got some replays from it last week, I posted them on twitter:

The best was this one with almost 150k points:

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