Social Success and success value


Who thinks like I do that social success (likes, invites, …) should not award any success points at all since it’s not related in any way to any developer skill? Some reward more than an expert problem.

Instead I think it could award some fancy stuff like a special avatar, or a star or anything else next to your name. Or some fancy design around your portrait (like in diablo 3 for example).

Also, maybe points awarded could be greater at higher difficulty levels than at lowers.

Ideas are welcome. Discuss.

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Hey @lanedune,

I’m not sure if you get success points, only the badge, which I think is a motivation to invite, like and spread the word about CodinGame.

Fancy stuff and gadgets are always welcome :smile:

I think you get more points solving more difficult puzzles, no?

Those “social badges” actually awards up to 10+10+10+20+40+60+20+20+20+50+100=360 points.
The same as quite a lot of solo challenges.

It totally depends on your point of view.

If you think that helping others, explaining your work or proposing and defending ideas can’t be considered as developper skills then you might be right but I’ll have to disagree because imho, being a developper is not only about pure technical skills.

Anyway, they’re not giving that many points compared to those you can earn by solving every puzzles and it’s probably better not to award some unique stuff to avoid dumb multi-account behaviours (something you’re very aware of :smirk:)


rofl, i like this one !

While it is not the scale you ask for, the rewards already depend on the difficulty level:

Easy = 40 points (exception of onboarding = 30 points)
Medium = 60 points
Hard = 80 points
Very hard = 100 points


It made me laugh too :slight_smile:

PS : I think that helping others, explaining my work or proposing and defending ideas about it with people that didn’t complete the challenge already defeats the challenge purpose. By the way, it could be a good idea if there were threads of discussion available to people that completed the challenge only.

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I totally agree with @NewboO , those are not main developper skills but they worth some points. Helping, discussing problems etc is what makes things move forward.

Besides, 360 points is not going to make you high ranked or seen as a good programmer, they made things balanced and it’s great the way it is, in my opinion :slight_smile:

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I’ve said it many times, and I still think it’s a great idea :slight_smile: CG Team has already stated that this would probably be a thing in the future

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