Solutions? You killed the game

You killed the game. I’m out!


Well, you do not have access to solutions of a puzzle unless you have yourself a solution for that puzzle.

Doing so, you can compare your solutions to what others do in your language, or see how can the same thing be done in other languages.

Maybe you thought you could access solutions to everything before playing at any puzzle. If that’s the case, I think this is a previous feedback.

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@yohannjardin problem is, magus post here detail the problem, you shouldn’t be allowed to see other language solutions, it ruins those achievements:

  • Bash Rider
  • Clojure Looper
  • All languages-related-achievement (copy -> paste -> validate)

While before those achievements were hard to get and representative on which language you use the most, now it’s almost pointless.


Solutions are great for your specific language and when you have already 100%, that’s an awesome stuff :slight_smile: it just need some fine tuning that’s all


+1 : one should only be able to see other player’s solutions of the specific puzzles AND languages where you have 100%

You don’t learn a language by copying other’s solution but by making your own.
On the other hand, you can start learning a new language with the onboarding puzzle.
If you want to learn a new languages there are tons of samples on github and many tutorials on the net.


Use this topic to discuss about it :