[solved/invalid] Tron rankings bug: Multiple games with same initial conditions

I’ve experienced some odd ranking results on Tron lately and it looks as though the matches don’t always get re seeded properly. Sometimes so you can end up playing the same guys with the same team with the same initial conditions for several games in a row. If you happen to win that match then you of course get wins for all 5 and if you happen to lose then they will of course be all losses.

I see them pretty commonly. I’ll post some links although I’m not sure how long they will be valid for.
Match #496 https://www.codingame.com/share-replay/438500214
Match #495 https://www.codingame.com/share-replay/438500213

It is kind of scary because I can in theory keep making submissions with the same code and my rank can fluctuate quite a bit due to chance.

Asymmetric games are played N times with the same seed, with all different permutations of player positions. These two replays have different players.

Wow. I see it now. That makes sense. I wasn’t paying close enough attention. Seeding games in the manner that you’ve described would indeed rule out the luck of asymmetric spawning positions.