[Solved] Typo in link to leaderboards in items of breakdowns


When on the landing page I click on the summary of my CPs (left side), the summary opens up on the right. In this detailed breakdown I can select one of the categories to show me even more details (big kudos for this feature, even though I just noticed it). After this I can click on an item and in some cases it takes me to an error page (You’ve gotta love crab.)

On my profile, I selected Bot prgramming.
I select Code Royale and click on it.
It takes me to: https://www.codingame.com/leaderboards/puzzle/code-royale
I believe the correct url is: https://www.codingame.com/multiplayer/bot-programming/code-royale/leaderboard
which is most likely to be a templating typo.

Where does it happen:
It happens consistantly on Bot Programming, Optimization and Code golf breakdowns. Contests seem to be unaffected by this.

Also since I had the joy in my career to change labels every week on demand I noticed Bot Programming is title case and Code golf is sentense case. I don’t care about it at all, though.

I will attach a picture that mostly proves how bad I’m editing pictures but might be a visual aid in case the description was hard to follow.



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Also, while I understand how the points for contests are doubled as an unexperienced user I would look very dumb trying to figure out how did I get the number in the summary based on the breakdown. This might be harder to solve if all points calculations are based on the same formulae.

links now redirect to the correct pages (marking as solved)

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