Some improvement suggestions

  1. “Last battles TV” - show button “SEND GAME PARAMETERS TO IDE” not only when I click to “Show”, but also for opened battle by default (that play last games with loop). I see interesting battle and want to replay it in IDE. Now it is hard to do, because I need to find this battle in list.

  2. “Last battles TV” - in lines of battles - show win/lose (by colors?). I’m interested mostly in Lose battles first.

  3. “Last battles TV” - show ratings of players. I’m interested in battles with strong players first.

  4. Show ratings of players near player names. I’m interested in battles with strong players first and it is always interesting who win you.

  5. Leaderboard - can’t filter list by several criteria at same time. I want for example filter list by Language AND Country.

  6. Battle player performance. Yes, I understand, it can take some work, but just as wish. Make a “lite” animated player. For example in “smash of code” play without rain animation, smooth drop animation and so on. My laptop becomes crazy after some battles.

1-5 also will save some load on servers, since users will be not look all battles, but mostly interesting for them.


And also here

  1. Ability from leaderboard and ranking page “send code to IDE”. For example I see ranking page or leaderboard and want play with player from first place.
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For this reason, I included an ascii visualizer with my code for some games (notably indiana) so that I could play with only the stderr output.