Source code revision control

The IDE is very nice but I think a glaring omission is the inability to undo saved changes. I just realized that the hard way when I copy & pasted the code from my regular IDE (IntelliJ) into the solution for the wrong puzzle (one I had only worked on in the CG IDE). Each test run (or at least each submission) should save that version and then previous versions could be restored with a “back” button (which would go along with the current “revert” button). Saves would always just go at the end, even when making changes from an earlier version.


I’m not sure if this should be put in a different place, but, it would be nice to be able to have the code saved for different programming languages. (Also, a place where it is stated in which languages you provided a 100% solution would be lovely)

I have had the problem of hitting backspace causing my code to be replaced with generic Hello World! code.

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I did not experience code loss, but I definately want version control. It’s particularly useful for the multiplayer puzzles, where branches would allow to work on different approaches. Use git and make it that you can let different commits/branches of your code play against each other.