Splitting code into multiple files

I’m learning to program in C. And unfortunately, C doesn’t have data structures in the standard library. That means I have to implement the entire data structure on my own if I want to use it in codingame.

This makes the size of code in the editor really big. It gets really hard to navigate the editor. Especially in bot programming puzzles. Code can get really big.

Please add support for having multiple files in the editor. Nothing complicated, just something like:
-> A button in the editor opens a new ‘file’.
The compiler or interpreter would first read this file, and then the original file.
If you add a second file, the compiler interpreter woud first read the second file, then the first file and finally the original file.

Adding this kind of functionality to the site is a little bit more complicated than what you think. :wink:
However, if you really want to use different files, you are totally free to use an external editor, and then a script to merge all your files in one. After that you can copy/paste your code on the site, or even use an app that will sync your local editor with the site’s IDE. (Like this one : https://www.codingame.com/forum/t/cg-local/10359)

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Thanks a lot for replying :slight_smile:!
And thanks for the link as well.