Stream: Casual code and magic

I’ve been toying with the idea of streaming, and since I will not participate seriously on this contest (Legends of Code and Magic), I figured it might be the perfect occasion to give it a shot and have some fun.

When: Today, roughly around 1pm EDT (UTC-4)
Language: English
I meant programming language: Still juggling between C# and C++
Webcam: None

I will try to setup recording a VOD, though it’s my first time streaming so hopefully I get that right.

Hope you enjoy!


Thank you very much for the stream, very instructive (both code and general approach).

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Thanks again for the great stream, very fun and informative!
Please keep going and don’t worry too much about the content, even watching/listening to you being lost with a bug and finding a way out was quite educational. :slight_smile:


Many thanks, was a most excellent stream. I hope you do more. Don’t worry about getting deep and technical, that’s kinda why it was a better stream than most tbh!

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Thanks a lot for the stream! Looking forward to the next one.
I particularly found the part on the serialization very instructive. I think it actually deserves to be in a video apart. I’m sure you have some other technical stuff like that in your pocket, I know you don’t want to share too much to stay competitiv but if you do share some we would gladly appreciate it :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot reCurse for the stream. I enjoyed it so much :smile:
Keep doping that. You got 30+ followers and 400+ views on one video :wink:

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Thanks everyone for watching, that was a lot of fun!

I’ve uploaded the VOD to Youtube, now with more bandwidth friendly options:

As always, feedback and suggestions are welcome, or if you have ideas for what to do on the next stream when/if it happens.


You have miniguns instead of fingers, you type so fast…

Very instructive ur streaming. Sorry for my english, it’s not so good.

Since I started to compete in CG I was trying to find streams about the problems and the games but there are a little so it is a really good news that u began with this.

I have a suggestion, Can u stream at lower resolution than 1080p too for the viewers who doesn’t have fast internet connections?

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You can turn down the resolution on Youtube :slight_smile:

I am a newbie to streaming so I did not pay attention to settings and went full auto config. After the stream I noticed it recorded at 60 fps which is way overkill for coding, so it might help to go for 30 instead.

I am afraid to touch the resolution as text gets hard to read with resize, same goes for compression though I could do a few tests lowering the bitrate until it becomes harder to read.

It’s unlikely I’ll be active enough to become a Twitch affiliate and unlock multiple resolutions when streaming.

I will always upload to YouTube afterwards, so if you don’t mind waiting that remains the perfect option.

Nice stream, thanks.
Random Idea : display the chat on stream, mostly for the VOD


Am I the only one who has turned up all my volumes to 100% to be able to hear it correctly? I means your mic was good, but really low.

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Yep, same here.

Wow, thanks a lot!

This stream is a mine of information. You don’t seem to realize it as it seems so natural for you to code like that, but there is a lot to learn from everything you do, especially for beginners (like me):

  • the way you organize your code (agent, state, actions…)
  • seeing you debugging, as said inoryy
  • the bitstream idea (which I understood but would be totally unable to re-do at the moment)
  • etc.
    So to repeat again what inoryy said, don’t worry too much about the content, there will always be some interesting stuff for sure.

I always complain not having time to watch videos for tutorials or streaming, but you definitely proved that this can be even more useful than trying to understand with a book or something else. 4 interesting hours spent so fast!


Since the experience has been very positive overall, I will be doing a second stream this Saturday August 4th at around 1pm EDT (UTC-4). Sorry for the short notice but it can be a bit difficult to schedule ahead sometimes.

I have done some testing for better encoding settings, so the stream will be at 30fps and 2500kbps bitrate (down from 60fps/6000kbps), so hopefully more bandwidth friendly for everyone. I will also try to show more of the chat on stream.

My current plan is to tackle a simulator, plug some sort of search to it and hopefully achieve top 100 with it. No idea how that’s going to go, so wish me luck!


For those who struggle with timezones as much as I do: countdown.


Thanks again to those who tuned in! It felt a bit rougher than last time unfortunately, and I would do differently if I had to do it again, but it is what it is. :wink: At least got the simulation/search working and a dumb eval made it out of bronze to top 150.

I have uploaded the full VOD to YouTube:

At this point I don’t have any plans to do more streams, at least for this contest, as I am not sure what else to cover without going into the whole grind of figuring out a good strategy. Suggestions are still welcome though.

Hope you enjoyed!


Thanks for the stream! Rougher flow is totally understandable given the subject, and didn’t bother me at all. :slight_smile:

Next stream suggestion: C++ best practices.
You’ve mentioned multiple times that the code you write is not production grade, so it would be interesting to see how you would write a bot if this was your actual job task. Maybe take another multi or “just” refactor the LoCM bot (without focusing on performance).

If you decide to go for it, but don’t want to give away your internal tool to bundle multiple C++ files, here’s my simple python script you can use:

Either way I really appreciate you taking the time to share the knowledge! :+1:


hi reCurse
I watched the VOD and it’s really instructif for someone who don’t work on IT and code just for fun and learning.
I learn a lot of things(clear organisation of code, bitwise etc…) and I hope reuse some logic and tips on my code.

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