Successes reorganisation?

The successes might be reorganized. For example, these successes are not sorted:

Some other are dispatched, the 50% and 100% for the same game should be near. The solo puzzles might also be sorted the same way they are sorted in the solo “menu”.


I think about this all the time but failed to create a post for it, so yes it is disturbing and i’ll gladly like to see it sorted. @loick_michard :slight_smile:

I agree, i though the same many times, really disturbing even though it is not a major concern

Makes sense completely, also sorting by difficulty, etc :thumbsup:

At the same time, maybe the distribution of points should be reviewed. I find it strange that the first position grants 100 points, but finish in the top 3 gives only 10 points while the top 100 provides 50 points.