Suggestion for a "little" feature to help debug (message color)

The only Way we have to debug for now is things we can write on the Console Window…

So i Think I’m not the only one to use it A LOT :slight_smile:

Havn’t find any other Thread on this, but maybe there is an old one, and don’t used the good Keyword to find it…
But i think i would be great to be abble to chose the color of Debbug message we write:

  • Red/yellow/green could be enough (for exemple to put on green value we only want to check on some cases, yellow for things we are currently testing, and red for Messages we hope never seen ;p )

  • but 2 color can already be fun

  • been abble to choose on a bigger palette could be wonderfull :smiley: (No Need to RGB Value, but can be easier to implement…^^)

I think this little improvement can be done without to much work (Much less than the ability to draw cycle in debug mode ;p and usefull only on some puzzles) and can help everyone, on every test/puzzles/multiplayer things :slight_smile:

Thx for reading, hope i posted on good Section ^^


(I’m a bit off-topic, but I didn’t see this anywhere else and it seems somewhat related)

I am under the impression that the display size of the debug stream was increased for the last contest. A big “thank you” Codingame if this is indeed the case !

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