Suggestion for all contest: Button to display the full bronze statement

A button to switch between current wood league rules and the bronze rules would be very useful. It allows one to have an overview for higher leagues and plan the code structure from the start, if the desire to do so is there.

The referee will always be longer than the statement and won’t offer as good of a overview.

This doesn’t even need an extra script / function. It can be done with pure CSS.


I would take this a step further and suggest a “Skip wood leagues” button. Just let people play with the real game if that’s what they want to do, without wasting time writing AI for sub-games that won’t matter in a few hours.


… or at least seed people who placed above wood league in previous contests

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Wait, what ? You sound like a commercial.

Why not? Always load full rules, but hide irrelevant parts for the league

That is not done with CSS. This is why i said that AntiSquid sound like a commercial. “I don’t know why this feature is so long to dev. It can be done with pure CSS” is something commercials always says.


<div class="all-leagues">Global rules</div>
<div class="bronze-league" style="display:none;">Bronze specific rules</div>

Ah ah ! It’s HTML. Not CSS. You sneaky commercial !


The HTML containers will / can have inline CSS, but that doesn’t transform the CSS into HTML.

You can hide anything that isn’t selected. Display anything selected.

Never done a drop down menu with pure CSS? @_@

div.rules.wood3 > .wood2,
div.rules.wood3 > .wood1,
div.rules.wood2 > .wood1,
div.rules.wood1 > .bronze-league,
div.rules.wood2 > .bronze-league,
div.rules.wood3 > .bronze-league { display: none; }


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I’d love this too