Suggestion for new code tracking feature

I’m interested in completing as many of the coding challenges and puzzles in as many different languages as possible to broaden my general knowledge past my comfort zone language. However, once I bring the IDE interface up for a puzzle, the only information I’m able to get regarding what I’ve coded is the percentage of the validators that any single instance of my code completed for that puzzle.

What I’m suggesting is a quick check when the dropdown menu for language selection is populated that will display each language in different colors based on the level of completion achieved in that lanugage. Green for 100% complete in that language, yellow for coding that has begun but has not achieved 100%, and red for coding that has not been started in that language.

It would be a quick and easy indicator of where I was and where I need to pick back up when I go from coding session to coding session.

Related would be some indication on the puzzle selection screen and the main screen for each puzzle. They currently show, again, the percentage of the validators that any single version of your code has passed. Perhaps a second percentage could be added showing the percentage of available languages that you have submitted 100% validated solutions for. Then, at a glance, one could tell which puzzles still have languages not solved for. Then, the suggestion above in the IDE screen would allow easy selection of those languages.

I guess you could use that for now:

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That actually would be an ideal third party solution if it listed all of the languages. Thanks for the link.

EDIT: I see now that it dynamically adds the languages as you complete them.