Suggestion: "Learn" part of website not indexed


In the “Training” section, various puzzles have one or more topics you can learn about. E.g. if you look at “The Labyrinth”, you can learn about pathfinding, and BFS. Clicking on BFS takes you to This is great as you can learn more about this particular topics, and you can also see the various puzzles you can solve to learn more as well as your progress on these puzzles.

It would however be better if you can somewhere find a list of these topics along with how you’ve progressed (for example the “My progress” percentage shown on the BFS page could appear next to BFS on the list). Note that is basically a blank page today.

It would be good if the community puzzles could also specify these topics (validated somehow?) to help people learn more about the topic, by allowing them to find relevant topics.


It’s coming. Don’t worry :slight_smile:


Great! Thanks