[Suggestion] Private Betas

Hi there,

I want to suggest an idea that popped into my mind while I was considering the current problem with the new feature: Private Betas

It could be useful that a selection of users that are active or really frequent users may be allowed to test new feature beforehand, so that they could report problems encountered before releasing the feature to everyone else.

That way if we keep the beta to less than, say, a hundred person, if a huge problem appears, it will only affect those and even better, if someone can toggle between beta and live, any changes made in beta could be discarded with no trouble and without affecting a lot of people either.

There are a lot of really good player like @Magus or @Plopx that are here really frequently on both the site and the forum, and with their experience, we could investigate the bug early on.

I could even create a special category in forum limited to those person only (I’ve looked into it, It’s possible to do so) so that every beta member could talk freely in those topics without risking spoiling the fun to other users.

What do you think?


While i agree this the idea, i know that if a company what to do that, it means more works for them. Because you must have someone to take care of the feedbacks and the communications with the “private beta testers”. So it means more work for CodinGame. If you work more, you want to gain more.

For the particular case of public solutions, you don’t need to activate a system like private beta to see it coming. Just a topic on this forum where you explain the future feature, and the responses/feedbacks will be the same as right now.