Suggestion: solo puzzle "Nintendo Sponsored Contest" shall be solvable in any language

This solo puzzle is still restricted to C++. I understand that Nintendo might have given this constraint when it was a contest, but it was 5 years ago, so I don’t see why cannot we try to solve it in any supported language (Yes, I mean bash… or not) - especially if we do not give a damn to “grab the chance to meet the Nintendo tech team”, just want to code.
Please make all other languages selectable in the IDE.

Fair enough, I think that the only reason that CG did not do it yet is that there was no demand for this.
But, until they finish, given the test cases, offline testing in your own language is possible right? So if CG has a lot to work on with a new contest coming up later, it can probably be put off for later.

Or maybe the contract signed with Nintendo implies that C++ must be the only available language for this puzzle.