First off, just wanna say how awesome CodinGame is. I actually find my self wanting to spend more time here on the challenges rather than playing computer games :stuck_out_tongue:.

I do have a couple of suggestions though.

  1. It would be nice to be able to see what languages we used to validate a single player game. I code in several languages and I forget which ones I have used for each game. This would add more “replay” value to each of the puzzles. We could then challenge ourselves to complete each puzzle in the languages we know or even try to learn new languages using this as a guide.

  2. The leaderboards are a lot nicer now, thank you! One thing that would be nice on them though is to have a ranking based on the filters. For example if I sort by country it would tell me what rank that user is in the country. Right now it just has their overall rank. This would also be useful for Universities to see where you compare with your peers.


That’s actually some great ideas, I particulary like the first idea, for learning purpose, that’d be great :smiley:

I’m glad I’m not the only one :wink:

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Another suggestion would be to have a Dark Theme.
It’s a simple CSS tweak, but it would be much easier on the eyes especially when working in the dark.

My suggestion is for players to see the dates of when they unlocked an achievement. Unless there is a way to do that and I’m just being derpy then never mind :blush:

There is a yellow popup when you unlock an achievement :frowning:

Oh no, I just read what I typed and I didn’t word it right. I mean a way to see the date of when they unlocked it >.<. A yellow popup does show up. Sorry about that, editing that now.

In the success board, the little progress bars are not precise enough.
I suggest to show the exact amount in the hover popup.

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