Technologies behind Codingame


Out of curiosity, what are the main technologies behind Codingame itselft ?


Codingame is fast, reliable, cross-countries, beautiful…

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From what i know. Frontend technologies is mostly java (for server side code) and angular 1 (for client side code).
Backend technologies contains java (according to the SDK) but maybe there is more (probably a sql database with that).

To run games and puzzles, everything is based on “server on demand” services like amazon and google services.

You get a few insights about the scalability in this blogpost.

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eulerscheZahl> this is what I extracted from your link :

Amazon EC2
(Amazon?) RDS database
Load balancer
Chat (old) :
front-end :
back-end : Prosody
Chat (new - not sure) :
MongooseIM / eJabberd

The blog is a little outdated, afaik they use Azure now, see here.

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