Temporary chat at the end of a clash

That would be nice to have a temporary chat widget at the end the clash (in the result page), so we could discuss with other clash participants.
Definitively not something like the IRC window, it would just have to be simple and integrated in the result page.


I don’t think it is useful. Most of the time, at the end of the clashes, many players are not here anymore. They are on an other clash, or maybe not on the website at all. The IRC chat is already fine suited for that.

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I know a site where you can play boardgames online. They have a temporary chat after the game ends. Most of the time the players just leave without talking. And if you want to talk, they still leave, while you are typing. I don’t find it useful, the window of opportunity to get a discussion going is very small, even when everyone finishes at the same time.

I feel like that having a chat while waiting for the clash to start is more important :slight_smile: