Tensorflow import fails in coders strike back contest

import tensorflow as tf fails in coders strike back contest.
Also, how can I use pytorch in codingame puzzles

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You need to implement, any model you want to use, from scratch. Thibaud said on discord that they removed this library.

It is a shame CodinGame is not allowing us to use Deep Learning librairies like Tensorflow or PyTorch.
I wanted to try Deep Reinforcement Learning for Tron but since we cannot “import torch” and we cannot import our trained model in the IDE, I won’t be able to use Deep Reinforcement Learning (which you know is increasingly popular in AI for games).
You should really allow to import such librairies and trained models otherwise frustrated coders like me will eventually seek other AI challenge websites where we can use Deep RL !

First, CodinGame is not dedicated to deep learning, neither to the IA. But more to “algorithmic” in general.
Second, the devs probably have more important things to do than adding and maintaining specialised libraries, for the 27 languages supported on the site, to follow some users asks.
Third, such libraries doesn’t exist in all languages, so adding them for python would be rather unfair.
Fourth, using DL, ML, NN and so on is possible, but you have to code them from scratch. Which can be far more formative than using a lib.
And finally, there’s no need to threat about leaving the site. If you are not satisfied and want to leave, farewell !