"Test in IDE" is way too low in community queue

The new puzzle submission interface is a lot better than the previous one, but this sticks out: the “Test in IDE” button is at the very bottom.

This not only makes it painful to reach for a normal “good” puzzle with a lot of test cases (which is what we want to encourage), but it’s got the additional perverse effect of making it compulsory to browse over the author’s solution before even trying, which is something I try to refrain myself from.

I’d expect the “approve” and “reject” buttons to warrant a lot fewer clicks than the “try” one. Could you at least consider swapping?


What’s wrong with the button in the header ? :thinking:

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Well at least I’ve got a cookiecutter answer to that: it’s so far off to the top I didn’t even notice it.

Ok, so I hereby retract my comment-as-a-complaint, but now you’re aware that the new interface isn’t as natural as it could be.

Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like on my current resolution/windowsize settings, so you’ll get an idea of what I go through. OF COURSE I’m not going to keep the header visible when I’m browsing the puzzle, so much wasted space! I’ll naturally scroll to the level of the “Edit” button. But indeed, that hides the other test button as well.

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