The Accountant: Could you leave it's IDE for training and possibility keep coding for fun?

The Accountant contest was made really great. Rules, graphics, idea… СG did a very good job and tested with many players on the contest. It would be a pity to lose and forget all that.
So it would be nice to keep it further for training, for testing our solutions and just for fun. Or CG team could remake it under various coding game-tasks to the Training or Multiplayer categories.


Just wait for some time. It will probably be re-published as an optimization puzzle in Multiplayer section. Most (or probably all) of the content on this site was first published as a contest and then transformed into puzzles or multiplayer challenges, I do not see why TAC will not go the same way.

TAC was a private contest sponsored by Warner Bros for the film The Accountant. I don’t think it will be publish as a optim.

“Private” is such an interesting word in this context. :grinning:

The game won’t be published. Sorry :confused:

Will the contest show up in the History section on the public profiles? (would be useful, but it’s only “private” for now)

I’d at least like to be able to see my code to improve my Code vs. Zombies score. :wink:

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