[The Accountant] Description Copy-Paste bug

Seems some part of problem’s description has been copy-pasted from “Code vs Zombies” contest. (if not to say that at all today’s hackathon is “Code vs Zombies.Part 2” :wink: )
And there was a statement that zombie can move for 400 units each turn.
There was also an example, that if zombie goes from [0,0] to [500,500] he will stop at [282,282]
BUT enemies can move for 500 units! But you use an example from zombies to illustrate how enemy can move…
So if the Enemy will go from 0,0 to 500,500 he won’t stop at 282,282 :wink:
Or I’ve misunderstood the description?

Should be 353.553 :). We’ve changed the speed from 400 to 500 at the last minute, that’s why.

Thanks a lot, we are fixing it.

are there any differences between the accountant and zombies ?

Of course yes! =)
It is more complex version of zombies.
And there zombies can shoot you )))

Thanks bam, I thought it was just an UI update :frowning: