[The Accountant] Final validation and codingpoints

I asked this 2 questions a few times on the chat but i never had a clear anwser so i ask the 2 questions here:

Will we earn any codingpoints by submitting a code for the contest “The Accountant” ? [CG]SaiskyApo first said that this contest will not reward any point. And after he said “maybe not, maybe yes”. So what is the real anwser ?

How the final validation will be done ? The rules says that some new validators will be add during the contest (and so, maybe at the end). But [CG]NonoFr said on the chat that even with a final “re run” of all the codes, we can’t have a lower score than our current score. It’s … really not clear at all.

The question is : If i submit a code with some random in it. Will the code will be re run in the final validation ? What score will count for the final ranking ? My score during the contest or my score for the final “re run” ?


About your second question, they say that :

To my understanding, it means the best score you ever got will be retained. So even if during the final additional tests you get a score of 0, they will retain the best ever you got.

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The rules also say that there will be new validators. I don’t see how you can add new validators without running all the codes.

You will be able to earn CGPoints and Achievements just like a regular contest.

Final validation:

  • No global re-submit
  • If equality in the top : we submit them on secret validators.
  • If still equality : the discriminant criterion is the timestamp of the submission

Middle Contest:
If there is too much equality in the top mid-contest, we may add validators to increase the diversity of scores. Doing so, we will resubmit everybody.

Only on those new validators ? Or brand new submit that includes former validators ? i.e. can we GA/MC the sh*t out of this contest without getting owned at the very end ?

Thanks for the answers

On a related note, any chance on adding some extra info on the validators after submit, for exampe why they failed? As it can happen for several reasons (crash, timeout, wrong input, being killed, no points scored), and with the submission limit on a given time period, it’s pretty hard to track down why all the editor tests pass, but a few of the validators (usually the same ones) fail after submission.

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Great thanks for the responses.

You will be able to earn CGPoints and Achievements just like a regular contest.

When might we see those CP?

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Strange thing happened. I received a CG points for the contest but today it’s been taken away. Is that possible?

there was a mistake in the calculations. It’s now solved. Sorry for the false joy.

As I remember, a Hungarian guy named T1024 or so had the best score. Where is he now?

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Maybe he cheated or hardcoded.

I didn’t submit my code, is it normal that I got some CG points for this contest ?

In optimization contests, codingame force the submit of everyone who just opened the IDE once.

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